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Stargate Universe Icontest

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An icontest community for Stargate Universe
Community Info

SGU_Icontest is an icon challenge community for the new Stargate Universe series. New challenges are posted on Saturdays; submissions are due the following Saturday by 3pm EST; winners are announced on Mondays. All entries are submitted through screened posts.

We offer five kinds of challenges here:

1. Photo. We provide a picture (or pictures). You can add text and effects as you will. Animation is fine, but the image(s) we provide should be the only one(s) used. Extra text frames can be on a solid color or texture background.
2. Concept. In this challenge, we give you a simple concept (like 'love') to icon. You are free and clear to use any image and text you like.
3. Quote. We provide a quotation from one of the shows or movies. You are free to design your icon using the image(s) of your choice. Please note that it isn't necessary to use the quotation in your icon design.
4. Hush. The hush challenge is a variation of one of the other three challenges (photo, concept, quote), except that no text is allowed in the icon entries.
5. Lyrical. We provide a set of lyrics; you use the words as inspiration for your entries. The lyrics you chose must be a visible and readable part of your icons.

Please do join us even if you are not an icon maker – all members of this community are welcome to cast their votes! And those who belong to this community automatically become a member in the Air Force! Scroll further down for more information...

1.Icons must fit LJ standards. No bigger than 100x100 and 40 KB. GIF, JPG, and PNG format only.

2.Enter your icons and their URLs as a comment to the challenge post (all comments are screened).

2.Do not use already made icons, and do not post them elsewhere until the challenge is over and the winners are announced.

3.You may enter 5 icons per challenge unless otherwise stated.

4.You may blend caps. Use textures, brushes, etc. Just no animation unless otherwise stated.

Ranking System

Everybody who joins is given the rank of Airman and as you win challenges, you will be awarded points and once you reach a milestone you will be promoted and will receive a personalized banner.

For more information on the ranking system and how to earn rank points, please refer to this post. Be sure to check out the roster posted here.

Having trouble finding screen caps for your entries? Try some of these sites:

Chevron One (High Quality Caps)

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